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Gainful Personal Trainer Onboarding

I am a Gym/Studio or Fitness Professional (Please select one)*


Fitness Professional

Group Fitness Instructor

Ex. NASM-CPT, ACE-CPT, group fitness etc. Please list all that apply.

*Promo code must be between 5-16 characters

Please share your specialty in the fitness and/or nutrition industry

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All commission for qualifying orders using your code/link will be paid via PayPal at the beginning of the month for the month prior.

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I am 18 years of age or older.

I have read and agree to Gainful’s Ambassador Program Terms and Conditions.

Commission and Business Details

Conversion action
Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days
30 day(s)
Commission Type
Dollar amount of Sale/Redemption
Base commission
$25 on all first orders, $10 on recurring orders up to 6 orders
Terms & Conditions

*Personal orders do not qualify for commission and will not be included in payment history.

*Payment is made quarterly after conversion occurs and any orders that are returned will not be eligible for commission.

*Commission will be approved and paid out for first time subscription products for orders successfully submitted with your Personal Trainer Promo Code at checkout or if the customer purchased the order by clicking on your Personal Trainer referral link.


*If the order was not submitted with your Personal Trainer Promo Code you will not be paid out commission unless the Personal Trainer referral link was used.

*Commission will not be approved if you violate the terms and conditions of the program.


Application Requirements:
-You must have an Instagram account.
-You must be over 18 years of age to join our program.
-You must be based in the United States or Canada.
Promo Code Guidelines:
-Min 5 characters, Max 16 characters
-No use of 'Gainful'
-Cannot resemble a specific Gainful promo code
-No spaces
-No special characters ($,%,/,@, etc...)
-No inappropriate language
-Code must be unique
-For help, please contact us directly at affiliates@gainful.com
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