“What, when, and how we fuel our bodies can have a big impact on achieving what we set out to do each day.”

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Your Questions Answered

How is Gainful different from other protein supplements?

Gainful marries nutrition science with individual nutrition considerations by asking the same types of critical questions used by Dietitians when creating individual nutrition plans. For example, protein needs vary by a person's weight, activity type, duration, and intensity level. Every single ingredient in their products is added with a specific nutrition purpose in mind, giving careful thought to the benefit it will have on the body. When product development is done with nutritional purpose as the lead driver, the consumer can be assured there are no extraneous “junk” ingredients.

What are the benefits of using Gainful as a complete system?

Pre-, during, and post-workout each have different nutritional requirements for optimally functioning systems involved in energy delivery, muscle recovery, and hydration. Consuming the right product for each time period ensures you are getting the nutrients needed for an overall positive impact on performance, today and in future workouts. Pre-Workout is crafted to prep your muscles, mind, and metabolism for activity, Hydration is formulated to reduce dehydration during workouts, and Protein is formulated to support key recovery periods after workouts.

Why should athletes use protein?

Protein is the building block needed to build and repair muscles. It is found in every cell of our body, and is essential for the growth and repair of cells and tissue. Whether you are an athlete or someone who works out several times a week, you need more protein than a sedentary person. Athletes protein needs often exceed what they are able to eat at meals and snacks. 20-35 grams of protein help support muscle protein synthesis and satiety—this amount can be eaten in about 3-4 ounces of meat, but that isn't always practical before or after a workout or pre-sleep when your muscles need protein the most.

Why is personalized nutrition more effective?

Simply, it is because what and how we eat is highly personal, individual, and complicated. Every body is different and responds differently to different combinations of nutrients. Given there are only three macronutrients, you might think that it wouldn't be that complicated, but three macronutrients can be combined in a variety of different ways (or consumed individually) to optimize function in the body and help people meet a wide range of different health and athletic goals.

Why is it important to stick with a nutrition plan if you want results?

There are no quick fixes or magic pills to get you to your goals. You have to do the work, including aligning what you eat with those goals as part of a lifestyle, not as a temporary diet. Creating a plan based on nutrition principles backed by science, and marrying that with your personal lifestyle preferences, goals, and desires helps create a sustainable eating plan that supports who you are and what you do. If you truly want to live an athletic and active lifestyle, you need to let that drive your food and supplement choices.


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