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Clean, science-backed nutrition that fuels your personal performance.
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Science-backed formulas, with clean recipes and clinically-proven ingredients
Delicious, diverse flavors because if you don't enjoy your routine, you won't stick to it
The support you need to make gains, with 1:1 access to a team of registered dietitians to help you stay on track
How to customize your blend
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    "This protein has changed everything for me. My strength, resilience, and muscle composition have improved so much it's shocked me. I never want to be without this product!"
    Step 1 —
    Choose Your Protein Base
    Choose between Whey Protein, Plant-Based Protein or Protein with Collagen
    Step 2 —
    Choose Your Flavor Boost
    Choose your protein blend's flavor — you can't go wrong!
    Step 3 —
    Choose Your Goal Focus
    Perfect your unique blend by choosing up to 2 boosts designed to help you meet your goals and make your gain.
    Step 4 —
    Combine and shake it up
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    What is a dietitian?

    A Registered Dietitian is a health professional who has the credentials, extensive education, and professional experience needed to provide personal, evidence-based nutrition support and recommendations.

    How can a dietitian help me?

    Dietitians can guide you on your nutrition to help reach your health related goals. They can review your eating habits, help give advice on things such as food choices, calories or macronutrients, managing specific health conditions, and improving your athletic performance.

    How long do I need to take my products to start seeing results?

    This can depend on your specific goals, as well as where you currently are in your journey, and also your eating habits, activity level, and more. In general, to see meaningful progress when you are making lifestyle changes, give yourself at least a few weeks to assess how well things are working. Even after that time frame, your products are intended to be used on an ongoing basis to help you achieve and maintain your goals.

    How is Gainful different from other protein supplements?

    Other protein supplements take a one-size-fits all approach. Gainful offers personalized products, formulated to support a wide range of goals. Whether you’re looking to bulk up, build lean muscle, push your endurance, or simply move your body through space—we formulate our proteins to meet your individual + evolving goals. All Gainful products are formulated with simple and effective ingredients that work for you based on your diet, body composition, and lifestyle habits. Other protein supplements are full of unknown and artificial ingredients that actually hurt you instead of helping you reach your goals. Gainful prides itself on providing clean ingredients, free from soy, artificial flavors, dyes or sweeteners.

    What is the difference between Gainful products in Target versus Gainful.com?

    Purchasing Gainful in Target, customers will choose their protein base, flavors, and goal boosts and mix them together at home to create their customized blend. They can also purchase Gainful Pre-Workout and Hydration to enhance their routine. In addition to products, Gainful customers who shop at Target gain access to curated tools, articles, recipes, and connection to a team of Registered Dietitians. Gainful products are available in Target stores worldwide and at target.com. Purchasing Gainful On Gainful.com, customers receive a highly personalized nutrition system that is based on our 5-minute quiz. Products are formulated for you based on your diet, body composition, nutrition goals, and lifestyle habits. In addition to products, Gainful subscribers have a team of dedicated Registered Dietitians to support them on their journey, plus tons of resources to explore. Gainful.com is shipped directly to your doorstep via a monthly subscription.

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