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Intro to Gainful Performance Boosts

Intro to Gainful Performance Boosts

There is nothing more personal than your health. Every body is different, so tailoring your nutrition system to your personal needs is key for optimal performance. At the heart of Gainful is our customized Protein Powder blends, but protein is just one aspect of a complete nutrition system. That’s why we also offer Personalized Hydration, Personalized Pre-Workout — even personalized Flavor Boosts to give you the freedom to make your nutrition system truly your own. 

Now we’re taking a personalized nutrition system another step further with Performance Boosts. You’re able to add Collagen, Fiber and Creatine to round out your Gainful nutrition system. These three Performance Boosts give you an opportunity to better meet your daily needs. 

The Performance Boosts are recommended to you based on your responses to the Gainful quiz, so you’re able to get the exact ingredients and nutrients you need (and nothing you don’t). Based on your answers, our experts are able to help recommend and provide the nutrients that are lacking from your daily diet. Unlike other supplements and formulas on the market, the Performance Boosts are specifically designed to improve sports performance. They’re science-backed formulas that are methodically created and approved by our Science Advisory Board, which is composed of a team of sports nutrition experts who work with professional athletes to optimize their performance. Our Registered Dietitians are able to use your quiz results to determine what your needs are to further your sports performance on a day-to-day basis. Professional athletes have access to tools, knowledge and services that give them that split second edge — these Performance Boosts are that something extra that pushes your routine to the next level, whether you’re trying to break out of a plateau, beat your PR or target a specific concern. 

Gainful Performance Boosts are made with clean ingredients. In fact, every single Gainful product has ingredients that come from clean and trusted sources. You’ll be able to improve your performance while feeling good about what you’re putting into your body. Better yet, all of our Performance Boosts are odorless and colorless, so they can be added to any liquid. 

Curious about each of our Performance Boosts? Allow us to give you a proper introduction to our Collagen, Fiber and Creatine formulas:


Collagen is the main structural protein found in the body's connective tissues.  It’s what supports the strength of connective tissues like tendons and cartilage — the parts of the body that are particularly vulnerable to damage when you workout regularly. Collagen also is what gives skin a youthful appearance, makes your hair appear fuller and allows your nails to grow stronger. 

Collagen production in the body starts to decline around age 25, so collagen supplementation is fundamental to wellness and longevity. Gainful’s Collagen Performance Boost is an easy-to-mix, easy-to-digest supplement that helps support the health of your joints and other connective tissues that are vital to your performance, as well as skin, hair and nails. It offers a number of sports-related benefits, as it’s very effective for post-workout recovery. Our formula includes a combination of amino acids that help support elasticity and strength of connective tissue — such as skin, tendons and cartilage — and a scientist-recommended dosage of Vitamin C, which enhances uptake of collagen and absorption of collagen into tissue. It’s high in glycine, lysine, proline and protein and especially good for your ligaments. Amino acids in connective tissues are very different (glycine) than the amino acids in muscle tissue (leucine), which is why the addition of collagen is important to your supplement regimen. 

We only use the cleanest ingredients to make our product formulas, and Gainful’s Collagen is no exception. Our Collagen Performance Boost is:

To use Gainful’s Collagen Performance Boost, add 1 scoop to your protein shake, hydration formula or pre-workout drink. You can use the collagen to “load” your connective tissues before your workout — particularly if you’re weight- or resistance-training. For collagen, the best Gainful product pairing is Gainful Collagen with Gainful Pre-Workout. Use them around 30 minutes before exercising. Amino acids from collagen peak in 40-60 mins, so consuming collagen 30-60 minutes before your workout will allow the activity to direct the collagen and vitamin C to the body location most needed during exercise. You also might want to consider a combination of collagen and creatine before your workout, as it provides a “nutrient soup” before exercise to load your tendons.


Gainful understands that athletes are humans first. Health is necessary for performance, and fiber is necessary for health. 

Your gut and digestive health are foundational building blocks of optimal performance. Gainful’s Fiber Performance Boost works to help support your gut and microbiome health. It’s also able to help maintain regular bowel movement, maximize absorption of some minerals from food, support healthy blood sugar levels, promote heart health, lower cholesterol, curb appetite and support the immune system. Gainful Fiber includes a scientist-recommended dosage of beta glucan, a heart-healthy soluble fiber that is derived from oat fiber. Individuals who are limiting whole grains in their diet may experience B vitamin losses and fiber losses, so Gainful’s Fiber Performance Boost helps make up for the lack of fiber. 

Supplementing with fiber is great for:

To get these incredible benefits, add 1 scoop of Gainful Fiber Performance Boost any time you would consume your personalized protein or hydration formula. You could also consume a scoop on its own with any drink in your day or even sprinkle fiber over food. We recommend starting with a half scoop to assess your tolerance for fiber.


Creatine is for all types of athletes — not just jocks and bodybuilders. It’s an important amino acid that helps support muscle strength, short energy bursts, the power output of muscle, recovery and increases in lean body mass. Creatine is found in many foods, including beef, chicken, milk and cheese (though the dose is very small in these foods). It can be used to help people whose goals are an increase in muscle and fat loss. 

Additional possible benefits include:

Creatine has gotten a bad reputation over the years due to formulations that leave people with side effects like bloating; however, the ingredients in your Gainful Creatine formula can make all the difference. Gainful’s Creatine Performance Boost is sifted through a very fine sieve, which means that the particles will dissolve easier than most other products on the market. Its easy absorption, or “supreme absorbency,” along with its vegan, keto, paleo, non-GMO, cGMP, gluten-free, no sugar added, HPLC-tested, micronized, no artificial colors or sweetener formula, is what sets Gainful’s creatine apart from other creatine. To use, add 1 scoop of creatine any time you consume your personalized protein, hydration formula or pre-workout. You can even sprinkle Gainful Creatine Performance Boost over food — it is completely tasteless. Note that creatine is most helpful for those who engage in resistance training and less so for those doing endurance workouts, but your answers to your Gainful quiz will help you determine if it’s right for you. You might also want to consider a combination of creatine and collagen before a workout to better load the tendons before exercise. 

Add Performance Boosts onto your next Gainful order

No two health and wellness routines are the same. Your daily nutrition needs vary based on your own body type, goals and daily routines — and Gainful understands this. That’s why we created Performance Boosts, which are flexibly dosed and can be easily mixed into any step in your Gainful Nutrition System. This way, you can find the perfect rhythm that works for your body and your life. Fiber can provide additional nutrient absorption and satiation, collagen can aid in joint recovery and creatine can give you a boost of strength. All pair perfectly with your protein powder, hydration formula and pre-workout. 

Recommended to you by our Registered Dietitians based on your quiz results, the Performance Boosts are truly a testament to Gainful’s commitment to personalization your own way. They arrive to you when and where you need it, conveniently bundled with your protein subscription. You always have the ability to easily pause, change frequency or update your subscription based on your goals.

Take the quiz to add Performance Boosts onto your next Gainful order and unlock the benefits of a complete nutrition system. Each of the Performance Boosts can make the benefit potential of the full system even higher. 


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