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6 Protein Powder Recipe Ideas For Weight Loss

We found these creative smoothie recipe ideas that go hand-in-hand with protein powder to keep you feeling and looking fit this season.

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Blueberry Smoothie

Treat yourself to springtime just a couple weeks early with a simple blend of blueberries, almond milk, and a scoop of Gainful's high-protein, low-carb powder. Perfect for a morning pick-me-up when you're looking to sustain that energy through that first slate of work meetings, or your gym routine. Throw in half a tablespoon of unsalted almond butter, and you'll still stay under 250 calories, feeling full and refreshed for hours.

Spinach Smoothie

You don't have to be a spinach fan to enjoy this one - just work in some fruits like apples, bananas, or oranges and you'll get the kickbacks of spinach with a tropical flavor twist. This shake is a good opportunity to include chia or flax for that additional fiber and protein. With a scoop of Gainful powder in there, you definitely won't be hurting for protein.

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Oreo Shake

Oreo shakes have long been the go-to for people who are protein and weight-loss conscious. With fat-free cottage cheese, skim milk, and a bit of Stevia, this drink tastes like an Oreo Blizzard from Dairy Queen, without as many extra calories. You'll still be using Oreos, so you might not want to drink one of these after every meal. But as far as sweet options go, this one checks all the boxes.

Coffee + Yogurt Smoothie

The best thing about this smoothie is its multi-functionality, which will end up saving you money, time, and calories. Using Greek yogurt, banana, coffee, and your personalized Gainful blend, you can take care of your caffeine fix, breakfast, and some of your nutritional needs at the same time. Save yourself the trip to Starbucks for their Frappuccinos. Get wired and satiated in one go, adding more Greek Yogurt for more protein, or more fruit for flavor.

PB&J Shake

Maybe it's not the first thing you'd think of when it comes to smoothies, but why not distill childhood into a glass and drink to the good old days of bagged lunches and triangular bread-cuts?

Simply use frozen berries, peanut butter, soy milk, rolled oats, and a scoop of Gainful, and you'll be sipping that sweet nostalgia in no time. Soy milk can be replaced with any other unsweetened milk, if you prefer.

There you have it - a few cool smoothie recipe ideas to try. Hopefully this list provides not only options, but also inspiration as you find new creative uses for your protein powder. Good luck!

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