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For many of us, losing weight means two things: cutting calories and hitting the gym. But because we’re all built differently, the “best” weight loss strategy is unique for everyone! The one constant? A balanced diet of whole foods paired with an active lifestyle.

How does protein help with weight loss?

A more unknown part of weight loss is consuming an adequate amount of quality protein each day. Protein plays a huge role in your body, helping you build and repair muscles, tissues, and cells. Adequate protein consumption is also crucial for supporting a healthy immune system. When it comes to weight loss, getting enough protein can help maintain a healthy metabolism, reduce appetite, and decrease body fat. Protein shakes in particular are a quick and effective way to supply your body with the protein it needs.

What are the benefits of protein?

With weight loss often comes something less desirable: decreased muscle mass. When your body starts to lose muscle, your body compensates by slowing your metabolism, which in turn causes you to burn fewer calories per day. Because protein is essential to building and maintaining muscle, bumping up your protein consumption – in combination with frequent strength training – can help prevent unwanted muscle loss and weight plateaus.

Generally speaking, burning more calories than you consume causes you to lose weight. When a high protein diet is combined with a strength training program, you are able to build muscle and speed up your metabolism. This is because muscle burns more calories than fat. Protein also affects digestion: 15-30% of calories coming from protein sources are burned during digestion compared to only 5-10% of calories coming from carbohydrates!

Some other benefits of protein and protein shakes are decreased hunger and appetite. One of the most tricky parts of staying on a diet is keeping cravings at bay, especially when you’re cutting a significant number of calories from your normal eating routine. When your body gets enough protein, levels of appetite-reducing hormones are increased, while levels of hunger signaling hormones are reduced. These hormonal changes help keep you feeling full for longer, which in turn helps you avoid excessive snacking.

Protein and Metabolism

Metabolism is one of the most popular talking points when it comes to weight loss. It’s our body’s way of taking the nutrients from the foods we eat and converting them into the energy we need to get through each day. How quickly we can convert food into energy plays a big role in how effectively we lose weight.

How can protein powder help with weight loss?

Getting enough protein through your diet can be tricky, especially for people with certain dietary restrictions like vegetarians and vegans. That’s where protein powder comes in. Good protein powders contain all the essential amino acids your body needs in a single, easy-to-take serving. By blending up a simple shake, you’re supplying your body with the boost it needs to keep your metabolism and muscle mass up, and feelings of hunger down.

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