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Daily Performance Greens
28 on-the-go packs
Daily Performance Greens
28 on-the-go packs
Includes 11 organic fruits and vegetables
Supports your gut microbiome and enhances nutrient absorption
Enhance mental strength with a blend of powerful adaptogens
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30-day money back guarantee
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Clarity meets vitality
daily performance greens packed with clean, clinically-backed ingredients
Gut Health
gut health
Supports your gut microbiome and enhances nutrient absorption
Brain Health
mental focus
Enhance mental strength with a blend of powerful adaptogens
Gut Health
Nurture your overall health with phytonutrients from 11 organic fruits and vegetables
Our Ingredients

Know What You're Getting with Each Scoop

Trust you're giving your body the best, with recipe transparency of powerful ingredients.
Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Kale
Prebiotic Fibers (Inulin)
Grape Seed Extract
Why Greens

Delicious + Powerful
Daily Nutrition For a Powerful

Mind + Body Connection

Supports Mind + Body Connection
Supports Mind + Body ConnectionFueled by powerful adaptogens like, L-Theanine, and Ginseng to enhance your mental strength and focus
Supports Physical + Cognitive Health
Supports Physical + Cognitive HealthPrebiotic Fibers and a powerful blend of greens that nurture your daily health and immunity.
Helps You Move Smarter + Feel Stronger
Helps You Move Smarter + Feel StrongerSupported by phytonutrients from whole food ingredients including Spirulina, Wheatgrass and Kale

How to Use Your System

We designed our products to be easy-to-mix, match, and modify — so your body gets what it needs to prepare, perform and recover.
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    How to Use GreensPour 1 pack of Greens into water. For a lighter flavor, use 10-12oz of water. For a bolder flavor, use 8-9oz of water. Shake, stir, or blend to combine. Settling may naturally occur. Drink immediately, or shake before enjoying. Best served ice cold.
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    When to TakeWe suggest mixing Greens into your daily routine whenever it suits you best.
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    Keep it ConsistentAchieving your fitness goals requires consistent effort. Fueling your body with a regular supply of high-quality supplements and nutrition products can help you stay on track.

Backed by our
science advisors

Dr. David Martin
Sports Science & Performance
Tara D. Thies
Nutrition Strategist
Teena Murray
NBA & NHL Performance Leader
Chris Mohr
Sports Nutritionist, PhD, RD
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Our Promise

Expert Driven FormulasExpert Driven FormulasClean recipes, formulated by nutrition and fitness experts for maximum effectiveness.
Supports Your Personal GoalsSupports Your Personal GoalsCustomized protein blends that help you meet your goals and make personal gains.
[object Object]Free Access to
Registered Dietitians
1:1 access to our R.Ds who will guide & provide you with resources you need to feel and perform your best.
Clean Label PromiseClean Label PromiseWe’re committed to clean ingredients -- free from preservatives, artificial flavors, sweeteners or dyes.

Why We’re Different

Gainful Icon
Gainful Icon
hydration 3 Targeted Benefits: Focus, Immunity, Gut Health
hydration No Artificial Ingredients
hydration Label Transparency - No Proprietary Blends!
hydration Free Registered Dietitian access
hydration Delicious Taste


  • Photo of Nikki B
    Nikki B
    5/5 Stars
    The collagen is a great add to the protein powder.
  • Photo of Dan C
    Dan C
    5/5 Stars
    Great product, great taste, very effective
  • Photo of Nikki S
    Nikki S
    5/5 Stars
    The fiber keeps me feeling full & helps my gut health.
  • Photo of Nicole D
    Nicole D
    5/5 Stars
    Love gainful but also loved the advice from the RD!
  • Photo of Hagan S
    Hagan S
    5/5 Stars
    The strawberry lemonade tastes so good with the strawberry pre-workout! Gets me ready for my workout
  • Photo of Jossy M
    Jossy M
    5/5 Stars
    I’ve tried multiple protein powders on the market and find them to be too chalky and too sweet for my taste. This is a game changer! Light, airy, smooth - PERFECT!
  • Photo of Stephanie K
    Stephanie K
    5/5 Stars
    I have digestive issues, and this is the first protein that does not give me any bloating or pain when I take it. Would recommend to anybody.
  • Photo of Tommy C
    Tommy C
    5/5 Stars
    So nice to be able to switch up the flavor day after day. Makes the morning protein shakes not so monotonous.
  • Photo of Alan C
    Alan C
    5/5 Stars
    Great creatine at a great price, I can tell it is high quality and compared to others I've used.
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Personalized Health By Humans, Not Bots

We know navigating a health journey can be overwhelming. Every Gainful subscription includes free, 1-on-1 access to a Registered Dietitian, who can:
Review your nutrition
Review your nutritionProvide suggestions on your diet and eating habits
Offer personalized advice
Offer personalized adviceTo help you get the most out of your protein
Recommend lifestyle improvements
Recommend lifestyle improvementsTailored to your goals

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