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Put Gainful under the tree this holiday season

Send a giftcard for personalized protein powder, complete with a Gainful BlenderBottle. What's more thoughtful than a blend made just for them? #giftgoals

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1 Month

Gainful Blender Bottle + Giftcard for 1 month of Personalized Protein Powder

3 Months

Gainful Blender Bottle + Giftcard for 3 months of Personalized Protein Powder

What's in my gift?

We'll send your friend or you a BlenderBottle (blender sweater not included) and Gainful gift card. The card will have a unique code that can be redeemed for 1 or 3 months of personalized protein powder (depending on how much you love them of course).

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It's up to you: select a gift of 1 month or 3 months of personalized protein powder.

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Now's the easy part - we'll send you or your friend a Gainful BlenderBottle and giftcard. Sit back, relax and enjoy their endless appreciation.

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Your friend will visit to redeem the gift card and take our quiz. We'll ship out their blend right away!

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